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Aesthetic websites that serve your business

We deliver consistent aesthetic websites at agency quality but for freelance rates, whether you want to pay a one-off fee or pay monthly, we’ve got you covered.

Why we’re different

We've been learning and adopting the best practices for nearly a decade. Our advice, support and guidance is invaluable, whether you decide to use us or not. We are your point-of-contact throughout all your website needs. Somethings that set us apart from the crowd...

Support and Consultation

We offer unlimited support and consultation throughout your project with us. We are happy adapt the brief to suit new requirements and changes based on competitors.

Our work should always be a portfolio piece, so if we're not happy to put our name to it, the project isn't finished. Your satisfaction is our top priority so we'll constantly keep you updated.


We pride ourselves on the experience and exposure we've had whilst working with big agencies and portfolios, we pass all our knowledge and expertise onto our clients, our success is your success.

Finding the right company to entrust with your brand, your vision and your objectives can be difficult, but we've successfully helped others in this exact position, now it's your turn.

WordPress Brochure Websites

A ‘brochure’ website is the term given to most websites you visit, they are there to create brand awareness and convert sales through contact forms or other methods. They can also be used to showcase prior work or testimonials, whatever you’re looking to achieve from your website, we can help to maximise the investment you make into your web project.

The great part of using WordPress is its ability to future-proof and scale when required. The way we create websites enables either you, or us, to adapt, enhance and re-create either parts, or the entirety, of your website if you require – it’s a website for life. We also have purchase options available should you want to make a one-time payment and manage the website yourself.

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    WordPress E-Commerce Websites

    An ‘E-Commerce’ website is the term given to online shops. Online stores can be an alternative to having a physical store, or an additional asset to your business, providing you with an online presence that can attract customers from further away. Whatever your motivation is for having an E-Commerce store, we are able to help you on your journey to captivating the online market.

    We use WooCommerce as an extension to WordPress to facilitate the shopping part of your website. It is a powerful side-arm to the native WordPress platform and rivals many other e-commerce solutions such as Shopify. The reason we stick with WordPress is due to its versatility and scalability. An E-Commerce website needs to convey both your brand and your products.

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      Frequently asked questions

      What do I need?

      The main things you’ll need to get started is your content, and your business and branding assets… we can help you get this sorted and point you in the right direction of how best to gather this information.

      Who has the domain?

      We always recommend that you as the client purchase your domain name as it’s always better for you to take ownership of your domain, as it is integral to your business, much like tools or stock would be. We can help you purchase this if required, all we ask is for access when going live, as it will make things easier when putting your website live.

      Where do I get Hosting?

      Website hosting can be costly if you don’t know what you’re looking for. We have our own dedicated servers that can host your website for you… we charge a monthly fee for this and more information can be found here. You are not obligated to host with us, however, we do offer extremely competitive price points, and we’ll be your point of contact should you fall in the 0.01% where things go wrong.

      What do I receive?

      All our projects are a bespoke journey between us and you. Your involvement can be as much or as little as you would like and we’ll always meet your brief. Things you can expect from us are:

      • Fast and reliable communication
      • Design concepts (if required)
      • Recommendations, support and advice throughout
      • A beautiful, speedy website which is mobile-responsive
      • A complete product that represents the best of you and your brand

      Other services can be incorporated upon request, more information can be obtained by contacting us here.