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Operating Sustainably

Growing our business, and wildlife – in tandem.

We’re working with Trees for Life. This registered charity organisation is working with a whole variety of partners to help collectively rewild the Scottish Highlands. Since our company started, we’ve contributed £100’s of pounds towards this rewarding, rewilding project.


Trees have been planted in our corporate grove since 2020!


In contributions we've made towards the rewilding and growth of the highlands.


Species thriving in their habitat as a result of the rewilding.

Nature can be saved through the love and help from people…

Rewilding is gaining importance in restoring ecosystems globally. By reintroducing native species, promoting ecological processes, and restoring biodiversity, rewilding revitalises habitats. This article explores its significance for wildlife and humans.

To plant a tree in our corporate grove it costs just £6.00

This money goes directly to the charity (Trees for Life), we do not manage or facilitate any payments.

Our Sustainability Aim and Goals

  • Offset our carbon emissions
  • Help with bio-diversity and nature
  • Making the UK more environmentally friendly
  • Start an initiative within the corporate sector for SME’s

Scotland boasts breathtaking landscapes and a rich natural heritage that captivates visitors from around the world. Its rugged mountains, pristine lochs, and vast expanses of moorland and forests are home to a diverse array of flora and fauna.

From the iconic Highland wildlife, including majestic red deer and elusive golden eagles, to the enchanting coastal habitats teeming with seals and seabirds, Scotland’s nature offers a tapestry of beauty and biodiversity.

Whether exploring the ancient Caledonian forests or venturing into the remote islands, nature lovers are rewarded with an immersive experience and a deep appreciation for the wild wonders of Scotland.

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